Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest has over 8 million players running wild in the land of Ook, and with 55 levels, 30 trails and 200 quests, there's a lot to keep you all busy!

N-View has some extra hints and tips, just in case you're having a little trouble.

Hints & Tips

Your monkeys can do a lot of damage, but they'll take some too so knowing how to heal yourself is crucial – you can get monkey snacks from defeated monsters, find them in treasure chests or buy them from vendors. Better still is a magic healing potion which can heal you instantly, and best of all is the mighty Healing Staff...

The Healing Staff can heal you and your friends... ...the Ootu mystics are the key to finding this item!

The best way not to get hurt is not to be seen! Use invisibility bombs to creep past unsuspecting enemies (sneaky monkey).

"Find the Scrying Orb to beat invisible monsters and find hidden platforms...Master the ways of the Chim Foo warriors to get this essential piece of kit / mighty item / handy orb..."

Now with all these extra hints & tips you can get playing online now.

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